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Today, we’re going to dive deep into the SEO world.

An SEO strategy, also known as the SEO approach, is the process of planning, defining, and executing a set of steps to improve search engine rankings.

Or, in other words, an SEO strategy is what you plan when you want to increase your traffic.

There are nine critical steps in an SEO strategy, which we’re going to elaborate on further in this article:

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  • Create a list of keywords: SEO revolves around keywords. And doing keyword research is quite easy. One way to do it is to start typing a keyword in Google’s search field and look at the autocompleting suggestions. They make excellent keyword choices because that’s what people are searching for. Besides, the recommendations will provide you with “long-tail keywords,” which are more specific to your business, therefore have less competition, and are more high-converting. If you want to know your keywords’ search volume and competition, you can check that on a keyword tool like Ubersuggest.


  • Analyze your browser’s first search page: now that you’ve done your keyword research, you can start typing each one of them on Google’s (or any browser, really) search field and look at the first ten results on the first page, and keep an eye out for their common patterns. For example, the ten first results when searching for “boxing gym St. Augustine” have a Google Maps link.


  • Create something bold: now that you know what people are searching for and how it’s your moment to create the most amazing content ever. You can either make something different from what people can find out there or make the same content, but better.


  • Add a ranking factor: links are potent hooks directly correlated with the browser’s first page rankings. Backlinko has pretty nice material for “Link Building: The Definitive Guide,” which we highly recommend checking out. People tend to link to specific pieces of content in your industry, and you need to figure out why. For example, people like to link it to nutrition charts regarding the written content on diets. If you make a post on diets and pack it up with nutrition charts, that piece will rack up lots and lots of backlinks.


  • Optimize on-site content: there are three key things to keep in mind when optimizing on-site content – the first one is internal linking, which links from high-authority web pages to low-authority pages. Don’t forget to add keyword-packed anchor text on your internal links. The second is short, sweet, and keyword-packed URLs, which totally outpower long URLs, and the third is semantic SEO. Semantic SEO is finding terms that go with our keywords and use them in our content. If you want to know which terms go with your keywords, you need to search them on Google Images and look at the words Google suggests due to their close relationship with the topic you searched.


  • Optimize for search intent: this basically means adapting your user experience to people’s preferences. For example, when people are searching for women’s purses, they want to find a page with lots of high-quality pictures and little written content. So, if you sell women’s handbags and the majority of your content is written, you might want to change that and invest your resources in high-quality pictures to feature on your site.


  • Cool up your content: content design is crucial not only for SEO strategies but for digital marketing strategies as a whole. Make wise use of graphics, charts, screenshots, pictures, blog post banners, visualizations, and more.


  • Link to your page: you need to build links to your content. People use three strategies to do so: broken link building, competitor analysis, and the evangelist method.


  • Keep your content updated: the content reload approach is efficient, and it can increase your organic traffic by 260%. Avoid reposting old content and calling it new. You don’t need to create content from scratch all the time, either. Still, you can give a little glow up to your existing content – by adding new pictures and removing old ones, updating the data and graphics, and adding references that are more appropriate to the current times.
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