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Marketing Agency  Stalking You on Facebook

Marketing Agency
Stalking You on Facebook

Ever wonder why you see ads for things you were thinking about or surfing the web for? Well we are one of the many marketing agencies that make that possible. If you’re looking to actually make sure your ads work on Facebook, we can make that happen.

We take a strategic approach to every Facebook campaign. We don’t just boost posts or throw money into the wind. We drive conversions, future engagements, leads, build your email list and prime your audience to buy, call and be a lifelong customer.

Need a Strategic Facebook Campaign?

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Russell Aviation Capital
Campaign and Pre-Booking Interest

With the pre-launch of this company, Purely Digital Marketing was tasked with proving the concept of this private charter company, garnering interest, gaining pre-booking requests and building a capital campaign.

In just 2 short months, here’s what we accomplished:
– Grew the email list to over 350 people.
– Gained over $100,000 in pre-booking requests
– Raised over $30,000 in initial investments and secured even larger investment partners just by exposing the brand and the concept.

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Reliable, Ongoing Source
of Leads for This Painting Company

Facebook continues to be one of the most reliable and ongoing sources of leads for many of my clients. While the lead cost may fluctuate and the offer and ads definitely change, we are able to maintain a consistent and reliable form of leads for our small business clients.

The painting company in reference continues to receive around 20-30 estimate requests each and every month just from Facebook alone.

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Filling Those Extra Appointment
Spots for a Local Hair Salon

Facebook remains one of the most effective ways to get that extra push, fill open appointment spots or boost the opening of a new business.

Our hair salon clients gain on average 30-40 new appointments each month with our Facebook ad campaigns. Similar results are achieved across multiple industries. Need to fill up your calendar? This is the way to go.

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