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Our client, a manufacturer, faced challenges with their product rankings compared to other service providers. Additionally, its website had little to no information about its services and technology.

In response, we created a professional website that catered to those seeking product information and practitioners looking to purchase.

We then designed a tailored Google Ads campaign that dramatically increased their ROI to grow their business and increase the credibility of their product.

In a year of Google Ads


Increase in clicks


Increase in impressions

Average CPC


Increase in conversions

What we did

  • We designed a website that could cater to both practitioners wanting to buy the device and customers interested in the technology. We created a versatile website that’s fast, easy to navigate and has clear calls to action.
  • Our content team created original, converting, and SEO-friendly content for their website, helping them expand on their research and update their information according to new findings and clearances that the device has gotten.
  • We designed a tailored Google Ads campaign to help spread the word and expand their customer base to establish their technology on the market and dramatically increase their ROI.
digital marketing st augustine fl
digital marketing st augustine fl
web design st. augustine fl

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