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Empower Health Center

Website Design, Google Ads and SEO

This client’s previous website was outdated and not properly optimized for speed or conversions; it was difficult to navigate and did not portray the clean and professional aesthetic our client wanted for their business.

We developed a stylized website designed to cater to their demographics and services, ensuring higher conversion rates. During the build, our client transitioned from a chiropractic clinic to a wellness center, so we helped with their transition and drove new leads with our SEO and Google Ads services.

In their first quarter


Increase in phone calls


Increase in search views


Increase in new visitors

What we did

  • Our content team created a new brand voice that helped them transition from their previous services to their new ones, making it a smooth sailing process.
  • We designed a website that’s fast, easy to navigate and has clear calls to action.
  • We started SEO and Google Ads campaigns to drive traffic to their website and increase their sales.
web design st. augustine fl

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