StoryBrand Framework: How Storytelling Helps Your Brand

Storytelling has proven to be one of the most effective ways to engage people and persuade them into taking action.

This has become more critical than ever, with attention spans at an all time low. Capturing your audience in the first 3 seconds is all the time you have. So how do you do that?

StoryBrand Framework was developed by a very clever man called Donald Miller. It consists of a simple yet complex framework that helps business owners compartmentalize and simplify their message, making it digestible and entertaining for your audience. The most reliable proof of its success is the increase in sales rates of all the companies implementing it.

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But, how does it work?

Well, first, because StoryBrand prioritizes the understanding of your brand’s message by your audience. And it does that by having a seven-part framework that breaks down your message into seven digestible narrative elements. It does that by writing a script using the framework as a base, which tells your brand’s story in a way that resonates with your audience; and by building a sales funnel that brings your script into live-action.

Ok, but why do we have to simplify our message so much?

That’s a good question. The human being evolved to preserve as much energy as we can, and it is known that our brains make up for 20% of all our energy expenses (in the form of ATP). Therefore, if our instinct is to save energy, logically, we won’t want to pay attention to useless information – and our brains interpret any information as useless if it doesn’t help us survive and thrive. Hence why we must make our message address the direct survival and thrive instincts of our customers.

Got it. And, what makes StoryBrand unique compared to other storytelling strategies?

StoryBrand stands out from the crowd because it is the only storytelling strategy that puts the customer as the story’s hero and not just a mere observer. Another trait of human beings is that we’re self-centered, and that’s why we’re prone to get bored when we hear a story that doesn’t involve us directly – the perfect example is when we date someone, and we don’t have a good time because all that person did was talk about themself.

But, if the customer is the hero, what are you?

In StoryBrand, the brand, instead of selling itself as the hero, will present itself as the guide that will help the hero -a.k.a the customer- solve their problems by showing them a plan that they are going to execute to achieve their goals. Cool, right?

That’s cool indeed. And how do you bring it to life with the sales funnel?

The sales funnel of StoryBrand Framework includes five elements: a one-linear piece of copy that awakens the people’s interest, a homepage wireframe that keeps your users engaged in the story in which they’re heroes, a lead-generating material (such a handy PDF), a short e-mail campaign to make sure they don’t forget about you, and a sales letter.

Now that you know the basics of the StoryBrand framework and how it helps businesses and customers “survive and thrive,” you’ll probably want to implement it in your brand. At Purely Digital Marketing, we’re familiar with the method and use it to write your copy, build your websites, and communicate your company’s message. If you’re interested in featuring StoryBrand Framework in your digital marketing strategy, all you need to do is contact us to know more!

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