What Makes a Good Website?


A good website is more than just the sum of its parts. There are certain factors that you should consider when designing your website, and we’ll gladly list them below:

  • Have a fluid and clean layout: Make sure your content is not crumpled and it’s easy to follow. Take a couple of steps back and see how everything looks from a distance. Make sure your eyes don’t get tired and make sure you can follow the natural flow of how your information is displayed.
  • Write just the right amount of content: Information is essential to help customers understand your product; add too little, and people might get lost, add too much, and customers will get overwhelmed. When content writing, you should always be precise, short, and sweet.
  • Know your demographics to a T: Know who you’re talking to and how you’re supposed to address your audience. Make sure your website answers any doubts that might come to their heads before they even have time to think about them.
  • Get your branding straight: Know your brand. Understanding your brand doesn’t only mean choosing some colors and writing out your mission. Create visual codes to assist you. Knowing the feel of your brand can help you communicate so much more than what words could ever convey. Remember, a website is not only a reading experience but an entire visual one.
  • Showcase pictures of your work: Stock photos might look good, but they don’t make sales. Transparent websites help make easier sales. Let your customers see your work, open your work process to them.
  • Make it dynamic: Don’t just add buttons. Have offers showcased, don’t have everything laid down the same way, get creative with that content distribution without overwhelming your reader, find more precise ways to call them to action with your layout and content. 
  • Make sure your content is SEO friendly: Conversion is essential and will surely help you sell. However, you need SEO for customers to find you first, and you should never forget that.

At Purely Digital Marketing, we’re proud of our ability to convey your message effectively and dynamically. We want our websites to become an experience for our customers, and we won’t waste space on things that are not efficient and functional to your business. We want your website to become an organic part of your business’s life, helping you seal deals, organize yourself, and reach bigger audiences without you having to make the extra effort. Check out our work here

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